Best of 2018 at Airlineblog

This year, I have published over 137 posts at Airlineblog. Most posts did average, few posts were well accepted than others.  In this post I’ve listed the most read and most commented blogposts of mine this year. If you've not been regular, I suggest don't miss reading these!
Everyone wants to fly cheap- booking cheap ticket is NOT a function of how early you book or which website to use- it is a function of your flexibility and knowing what price is high/low or average for your destination. Read detailed post and save some good money.

2. Ten tips to deal with high cancellation charges
At times cancellation costs more than ticket cost- learn various options available to reduce impact of high cancellation costs.

3. Hubli airport getting lots of flights
This post got lots of views

4. When will star air take off?
Sanjay Ghodawat group was advertising launch of Star Air- but no sign yet- wondering if they will take off in 2019

5. Cheapest way to reach Hyderabad's Airport- 
Save hundreds otherwise spent on taxi with these cheaper alternatives

6. WOW Air India launch
Unfortunately no longer relevant, as they are discontinuing India flights from Jan 20- This airline gave lots of hope of cheap flights to US and Canada-sad to see them pack up

7. India Europe one way for 6k
An ultra low fare deal spotted to visit Europe

8. Jet Airways bid for upgrade scheme
Possibly copied from Srilankan, a detailed review of this scheme and its flaws

Most commented blog posts (excluding those already listed above)

1. Cheapest way to reach Bajpe airport Mangaluru
Taxi costs Rs 500 to reach Mangaluru town just 12 kms away. Find cheaper alternatives in this post-found useful by many.

2. AirAsia's deliberately complicated cancellation process
AirAsia cancels their flights left and right and we have to waste our time and effort to get our money back. Have to fill up 30-35 fields and wait for weeks for cancellation to process- no tracking, no option to update and any mistake your refund request will be denied. AirAsia management promised a review, but nothing has happened in 9 months
Keep an easy track of all your flights.
Some of my personal favorites
Besides above, these are my personal favorites, I suggest you give them a read as they will be either very useful or interesting to know.

1. Do I need transit visa?
The need for transit visa for different scenarios explained

2. No takers for in-flight WiFi
Did a quick survey- not many were keen on inflight WiFi service
Many wonder why flights of out Tamil Nadu doesn't get inflight announcements in Tamil-an attempt to throw more light on this aspect

4. Fly Dubai Experience
How was flydubai experience? Was it better than AirAsia?

5. Ten Airline Industry developments to watch in 2019
Hopefully 2019 will be more kind to airline industry

6. What I could redeem from Srilankan airlines Flysmiles loyalty program after spending 1.1 lakh
Managed to redeem a kids watch finally! Not an experience worth explaining

7. AirAsia X long haul flight to Auckland experience
Read and learn about my experience and expenses
Gold Coast Approach
8. Safety issues involved in posting your boarding pass online
Some reasons why you should never post photo of your boarding pass.

9. TIMATIC- official tool to know visa requirements
Don't trust what travel websites say- TIMATIC is your official source of visa requirements- ensure you comply, to avoid being denied boarding or entry into a country.

Beware of fake websites and promotions- don't lose your money to these scamsters.


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