FlyDubai India flights to shift to DWC instead of DXB from Mid April 2019

FlyDubai is a low cost carrier based out of Dubai. I flew with them to Dubai for a low return fare of about 12000 INR this April.

So far, FlyDubai was flying to Dubai’s main airport, DXB and was operating out of terminal 2.

Mid 2018, Fly Dubai started shifting some of its flights to Terminal 3, for better synchronization, code share with Emirates.

Meanwhile,  Dubai authorities are reportedly trying to de-congest DXB by asking airlines to move more n more flights to DWC, a bigger, newer airport but too far from city at present. DWC stands for Dubai World Centre and Airport is known as Al Maktoum International Airport I have written a detailed post on DWC here.
I noticed that from 17 April 2019, FlyDubai is no longer flying to DXB from Chennai, Kochi, Ahmadabad and few other Indian cities that I tried. Instead, you can fly to DWC.
What does FlyDubai’s shifting to DWC mean to us as Indian passengers?
  • Some connecting flights will also originate from DWC so you can still fly seamlessly to Alexandria and few other destinations. If your destination is also served by DWC then no problems at all
  • However looks like many destinations- such as Helsinki, Tblisi (Georgia) etc will continue to be served from DXB (terminal 3). This means you can’t connect to these destinations from India in single PNR.
  • DWC is far away from city- prepare to shell out more for taxi. It is not clear if cheaper buses, trains are operational yet connecting DWC to DXB or Dubai’s city centre (such as Sheik Zyed road)
Looks like FlyDubai’s rivals in India- Air India, Indigo etc would still fly to DXB- so unless FlyDubai tempts people with exciting fares, passengers might prefer to fly to DXB as they can save time and money required to reach city from DWC.

DWC is 65 kms from Dubai city- no metro/train yet. Taxi n bus (I guess) are the options- if you've to spend 100-200 dirhams (INR 2000 to 4000, USD 25-50) wouldn't it be better option to pay a bit more and fly into DXB with other airlines?

With some flights landing DWC, few in DXB terminal 2, few in terminal 3, FlyDubai's network feels like a mess, preventing them from maximizing revenue and be able to offer more connecting flights to passengers. But then, this is probably a transition phase- hopefully will be sorted out shortly.

Dubai charges more for multi entry visa- so it doesn’t make economical sense to take visa just for transit from DWC to DXB. If Dubai can provide visa free transit between two airports, it will be good for all stake holders. At present I understand some sort of controlled visa free transit is arranged between DXB terminal 2 and DXB terminal 3 for guests having connecting flight from another terminal. Do share if you have more updates or an experience to share in this regard.

In the long run, more n more flights may shift to DWC- we have to wait and watch. At this moment, be extra careful before booking where exactly your flight is headed to in Dubai and if that airport is convenient for you.

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