FlyScoot now accepts payment in INR

Despite operating flights to and from India since several years, Scoot airline wasn’t supporting INR payment so far. We had to pay in USD or SGD which meant a few hundred additional rupees would be lost as banks charge their own conversion rates and fee for supporting USD payment.
Recently I noticed that Scoot website now accepts payment in INR. This is a welcome move. 

Hope they introduce more India friendly changes in future (such as more Indian food options), matching AirAsia's fares and so on (at present Scoot prices are 15-20% higher than AirAsia for most destinations. If Scoot can match (or better) AirAsia a lot would prefer Scoot as Changi is much better airport to transit through and their dreamliners are better than AirAsia's A330 for long haul. There're many other drawbacks/limitations in Scoot w.r.t. Air Asia- a detailed comparison post is due from my side.

I read that there’re also lots of realignment happening within Singapore Airlines, SilkAir and Scoot (all belong to same parent company and based in Singapore). Need to wait n watch how these changes affect Indian passengers.  You can read my previous TigerAir experience here (had chance to fly to Singapore on Tiger Air also between Sydney and Melbourne.

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