Spicejet Chennai to Kashmir in 5 hours & 5500 rupees!

Visiting Jammu & Kashmir from South India has been an expensive affair-We often had to take one stop flight via Delhi and with Delhi-Jammu/Delhi-Srinagar route having limited capacity, a round trip to Srinagar was almost always more expensive than going abroad say to Dubai, Singapore or Malaysia

Also one stop flight and change of aircraft meant lots of time to reach Kashmir.

Now there's a good news. Spicejet has announced flight between Chennai and Jammu as well as Chennai and Srinagar- these are still one stop flights (via Ahmedabad and New Delhi respectively, but no need to change aircraft. This means you can now reach Srinagar in about 5 hours total or Jammu in about 4 hours plus the fares are reasonable at about 5400 for Srinagar (plus 250 convenience fee) onwards.

These prices vary from time to time, 5300 shown above is on the lower side- depending on date it may be higher. Also I hope during a promotion or sale they will get a bit lower.

Note that return flight involves change of aircraft and hence few hours extra. Only onward flight is hopping.

This means now Chennai people can escape to snow covered Kashmir for about INR 12000 round trip (or less if you get it) and if you're pressed for time, travel quick and plan a 3-4 day trip without losing lots of time at airports.

Spicejet has also launched a evening direct flight to Guwahati from Chennai and few more flights- do check their website for details.

I will wait for next Spicejet sale- if I can get a round trip to Srinagar for under 8k, it will be a steal

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