Alpfly goes Bankrupt

Alpfly was a website which sold flight tickets n hotel rooms in bulk- like you could buy 10 flight tickets for some 25000 in bulk. I had written a detailed review of Alpfly here.
However looks like mid-2018 they have gone bankrupt and have filed for solvency. Their website now shows a copy of their bankruptcy procedure details and indirectly hint that those who are to get money from Alpfly may as well forget it.

It is not clear if they gave proportionate refund to public who had bought their packages but hadn’t used all their tickets- mostly No, as it happens with any company going bankrupt. As such there were numerous complaints about AlpFly’s operating model, secret tricks used (like one stop flight with long transit time is treated as two tickets) and so on.

Warns us to be more careful and not to believe every startup and their offers.

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