AirAsia India Update- Surat discontinued, New flights to BOM & HYD

Surat Bye Bye, Hello Mumbai
Looks like Air Asia India has suspended recently launched Bengaluru-Surat route- sometime in June 2018, barely 6 months.
Website now shows the flight but fares "unavailable" for all dates. Unlike launch announcements for which airlines seek maximum publicity, cancellations are often done silently without detailed announcements in the news section of airline website. Often we have to infer from booking section as official announcements come much later.
Looks like Mumbai is being reintroduced- AirAsia X had discontinued flying to Mumbai earlier this year, citing cost and competition. AirAsia India didn't have any plan to fly to expensive airports as their's is a low cost model. However looks like Airline has reconsidered its thoughts and decided to fly to Mumbai from Bengaluru.

Mumbai airport is one of the most congested airports in India with nearly no space (slots) left for new flights. A new airport is still an year away at least (Navi Mumbai). Looks like AirAsia has managed to get one late night slot at low price so that they can operate an economical flight to Mumbai from Benglauru. The Bengaluru-Mumbai flight is scheduled too late in the night, making it a red eye flight, but as long as fare remains super cheap, I am sure there will be enough takers.

Bhuvaneshwar Bye Bye, Hello Hyd

Similarly I had written about AirAsia India's Chennai-Bhuvaneshwar flights being cancelled. Looks like AirAsia India has decided to take some pity on Chennai and introduce Chennai-Hyderabad flight instead. (Tip off by Ajay Mirchandani) Probably they had too little demand for Bhuvaneshwar but figured they might get better load to Hyderabad.

MAA-Hyd flight timing is same as that of discontinued Bhuvaneshwar flight

Fare are very reasonable at present- if you have a trip in mind, go ahead and book. And just hope that they won't cancel it before your trip.

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