Cheapest way to reach Hyderabad airport-RGIA bus timing, fare and routes!

Like Bengaluru and Kochi airport, Hyderabad airport is far from city-some 30+ kms. Naturally, renting a cab is going to be expensive, sometimes more expensive than the flight ticket itself. Thus it is very critical to know about budget alternatives- cheaper ways to reach Hyderabad's Rajiv Gandhi international airport from Hyderabad/Secunderabad city or from city to airport.

During my last stopover, I went out to take stock of the public transportation option available at RGIA. Here's what I found:

City buses, known as Pushpak service is available till 1 AM in the night.
Fare per person ranges from Rs 160 to 265
Frequency is good enough- every 20-30 minutes.

Hyderabad Shamshabad RGIA Public transportation bus routes:
Find out your final destination (hotel/home etc) is closest to which of the following. Accordingly select the route code (A1, A2 etc). Staff at counter can help you but will save time if you've done your check before and go prepared.

Hyderabad RGIA to JNTU City bus schedule
Below is the schedule for B1 and P1 route. Schedule for other routes are also fairly similar.
Hyderabad RGIA to City bus fares
Fares begin at about Rs 160 to nearby places and go upto 265 for far away places.
How much would a taxi cost? When I checked on Ola, RGIA to Secunderabad Railway station was quoted at about Rs 650. But depending on demand supply this can go up and down, so expect a range of Rs 600 to 1000 if you chose a cab. If you're 3 to 4 people, booking a taxi might make economical sense than buying 3-4 bus tickets. But for one person, bus is most economical. (Even Share will cost at around Rs 350-400 onwards)
Contact numbers:
If you have an queries, below contact numbers can be used

Thus, don't get fooled by taxi guys as you exit the airport. You now know that pushpak bus service is available all through the day and till 1 AM.  Refer this website for more details

Unfortunately Hyderabad Metro is still not operational till airport. (Confirmed by Social Maharaj) So we've to depend on bus only as of now.

If you wish to stay closest to airport, Novotel Hyderabad airport is a good option. They have free airport shuttle.

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  1. Do you know where exactly bus halts at jbs ? And how is puntuality of these buses towards airort

    1. No, don't know where exactly it halts at jbs. I believe punctuality is reasonable- I saw many buses during my stopover- but better to keep 30-60 min buffer for any delays...

  2. Thanks mate for the info .

  3. Request if someone can intimate the closest point to Sainikpuri (500094), from where Airport Bus service is available?

  4. I am not very sure- you can ask at the counter- or you can go till Secunderabad and then take an auto or cab for last 10kms

  5. Can any one let me know, where is buses parked in Airport and how long is entrance from there

    1. It is very easy to find out.. follow directions once you exit- there're signages.. or take help from people.

      About 300-400 meters walk is my guess

  6. I need a bus going from road 12, Indian overseas bank to Hyderabad airport. Where do I get the bus n whom do I contact. Contact no. Plz

  7. I want to catch the bus from lingampally, what’s the exact location and landmark to catch the bus to Hyderabad airport

  8. Can anyone please me the bus service that travels from lakdi ka pool? Is it A1 or A2

  9. Hey, this type of blig is never written by anyone. Its damn useful. Nowhere we can found such useful and simple information. I am glad that I got correct info through this blog. I really appreciate. And, you should be proud that you are helping out number of guys who have no idea about hyd or hyd airport.


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