India Europe Cheapest fare ever 6k one way- Book NOW

A friend and airlineblog reader Amar Singh Solanki has shared this tip off that can save you thousands of rupees on your dream Europe trip from India.

There're tickets available from Ahmadabad, India to Zagreb, Croatia one way for just Rs 5500. If you had Europe on your mind, book NOW. It won't get any cheaper than this. Zagreb is a new destination launched by Fly Dubai and this could be a limited seat promotion. Travel dates- cheapest tickets are available for select dates in Dec 2018, March 2019 etc. Check one way fare, not return.

From Hyderabad for 9k
Even if you're not in Ahmedabad/Hyderabad, you can plan a flight to Ahmadabad from anywhere else in India for about 6k-8k return max- still makes sense.

What about return?
Unfortunately this ultra cheap fare is only available for onward journey. Return ticket will cost about 25000 if you are on flydubai.

Your alternate options for the return journey:
  • You can explore various schengen countries and return from a different airport
  • Try Milan-Mumbai or Milan-Delhi on Air Italy- you should get oneway ticket for about 15-16k for select dates
  • Try Iceland-Delhi on WOW Air
  • Jet Airways is running a 30% off sale- you may get Paris-Chennai, Paris- Mumbai or AMS-Mumbai etc for a good price.
  • Cheap tickets are available to Dubai from various European cities (check Whizz Air)- fly back to Dubai, spend some time and continue to India
Thanks to Amar Singh Solanki for the tip off. If you spot such killer fare, do let us know. I think the key here is to check oneway fares as well and not limit oneself to searching return tickets.


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