Indigo direct flight to Kuwait-Flydubai still cheapest

Indigo has announced direct flight between Chennai and Kuwait city starting mid- October 2018. The round trip ticket is being offered at 20k + convenience fee during the initial launch offer. The mid night flight will take you to between two cities in about 5 hours.
If you notice Indigo's website is showing wrong timings- it is not factoring time zones- it doesn't take 7 hours to fly back and you can't reach Kuwait in 3 hours

This is good news for those looking to explore middle east beyond Dubai. Kuwait has started offering eVisa to Indian passport holders, so you can a quick trip to Kuwait. [Details on Kuwait eVisa]

However, I noticed that Indigo's pricing is not cheap enough. FlyDubai still offers cheaper trips to Kuwait from India- around 17k round trip on better days. But FlyDubai will be one stop via DXB, but good thing is they have multiple flights to Kuwait each day, so connection time is short and even if you miss, next flight is not far away.

Another limitation with flyDubai is they have only 3 flights a week to Chennai, not daily.

So this puts forward a tough choice: Save 3k INR, spend a few hours extra on FlyDubai one stop flight to Kuwait or spend 3k more, fly non-stop on Indigo- which one do you prefer?

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