Best vegetarian food options inside KLIA2

If you’re transiting through Malaysia’s KLIA2- the low cost hub used by Air Asia, here’s a quick tip on availability of vegetarian foods.
The best bet- Noodles at WH Smith
This shop, closer to gate Q entrance sells vegetable noodles at a decent 3.5 MYR each (costs 8 MYR on Air Asia plane)- two of it is enough for an adult to fill stomach. By far this is the cheapest and best veg food option for short transits. Same shop also sells coffee premix (add hot water), some chocolates or bread/bun items which can also be considered. WH Smith has another shop closer to Gate L entrance as well
Taste of India- Unfortunately this Indian restaurant doesn’t have a single decent vegetarian option in their menu. However, upon request they can serve you a bowl of rice with some veg curries, for the same price of a non-veg dish (around 19-20 MYR)- Not the most comforting option- since the rice, veg curry etc are all stored right next to various non-veg items.  I saw a Masala Dosa with chicken curry option, but not a vegetarian masala dosa. If you’re sensitive to veg-non-veg mix/proximity this will not be comfortable for you.
Donuts and coffee- large donuts can be had for 5-6 MYR at multiple shops, including Starbucks, Beverage station etc. One or two Donuts+ coffee is usually good enough to quench your hunger for a few hours. Warning-donuts may have egg.

Other key shops like McDonalds, Burger Kings etc do not have a single decent veg option on their offering in KLIA2, but you may be able to buy some secondary items like French fries, garlic bread, coffee and other light snacks here.

If none of these suits you then bring your own food or buy inflight in your airline.
Do you have a better tip? Have you found some other veg item in KLIA2? Do comment below.

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