Create a flight map of your travels

Don’t you wish to plot all your travels on a world map?

For some time I was checking for best way to plot my travel on a map. Google map allows only 10 destinations per map. There are many other mapping tools – some you’ve to download, few others you’ve to pay and so on. Of various tools I could try out, I find great circle mapper most convenient.

You just have to enter the airports in sequence and GC Mapper will draw the relevant map for you. It will resize the world map to suit the destinations you’ve visited. Also there’re multiple themes to select from. Great Circle mapper also gives a total of how many miles you’ve flown.

Some drawbacks- no option to save your map. You’ve to save airport sequence locally if you wish to reuse it later. Also if there’s an error going back may not work. You’ve to copy airport sequence from URL, correct the mistake and try again. Also you should recall airport codes of all airports you’d like to use. If you’d flown very little but have done extensive hiking, road trip etc then GC mapper may not be your best choice.

Below are some of my travel maps

My 2015 Travel map – got to visit lots of countries in Europe. You can read details of my 2015 travel here
My 2016 Travel Map (total 37000 miles or 60000 kms). You can read details of my 2016 travel here
My 2017 Travel Map (total 49000 miles or 79000 kms) You can read details ofmy 2017 travel here
You can play around and create a flight map for your travel. There is no limitation on the length- you can enter hundreds of airports.

Tripadvisor has a map view of all the cities you’ve been to and it tells what percentage of the world you’ve traveled.

Are you aware of any better tool to create your flight maps? Do share in comments below.
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  1. Nice one ��
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. @saheel

    Thanks. This looks great. But need lots of time investment to recall all the previous flight details and feed in to the site. Thanks again

  3. Wrote a separate post on it and have given credit


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