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Recently I wrote a post about a tool that lets you map yourtravel by entering airport codes. One of the readers by the name Saheel Raut suggested a more visually appealing tool, my.flightradar24. FlightRadar24 is a real time flight tracking and updates utility. is the section where you can maintain your personal flight details. I spent some time on it- it was very time consuming to add our flight details, but once added, the site can save them for future reference and also give lots of graphics and visual insights. For example, with the 180+ flights I have entered so far, it seems I have flown the distance equivalent from earth to the moon or about 10 times around the earth. I still need to enter many of my flights, will keep adding when time permits.

Check my flight details here . Yet to add most of the flights taken earlier to 2008

Some nice features of my.flightradar24
  1. Ability to view by year
  2. Ability to capture lots of data for each flight-flight no, economy/business/, leisure/business, rating facility and so on
  3. Provides visuals on top airlines, airports, day of the week and so on
  4. Auto populates origin, destination, aircraft type from flight number
  5. Possible to edit at a later stage
  6. Share a flight detail to facebook or twitter
  7. Lots of insights from your travel- kms traveled, amount of CO2 released etc
  8. Export and Import Option
Some limitations/possible improvement
  • Would have been nice if there was a feature to take PNR code and populate all flights automatically. If my trip had 4 flights, I need to enter each of the flight individually, very time taking process
  • Settings are not saved- like if I select year 2017 and distance, next time I login or add a flight display goes back to default.
  • While adding past flights, if flight number is now discontinued, we need to enter all the data manually (understandable, I guess airlines only provide current schedule info and not historic)
  • Covers only flights- if you had traveled to another country by train/bus etc can’t capture here (which is ok- the site is of course for flight data_
  • No provision to capture how many people/additional passenger details
  • No provision to control what information is to be made public and what needs to be kept private (Example, if I don't want to disclose my future flights to public, there's no control)
Try it out.


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