Delhi-Beijing return 21k on Singapore Airlines

I had earlier written about Chennai-Beijing return ticket availability at 20k on Srilankan Airlines.

A friend on twitter (Pradeep Patra, @pradeeppatra001 has highlighted that Delhi-Beijing return ticket is also available for INR 21k on Singapore Airlines. If you're in Delhi and want to explore China, this could be your chance.

Above shown amount was the lowest I could find for some date combinations in Nov-Dec 2018 (Nov 28-Dec 5 etc). You can try further to see if it is any cheaper (I suspect no). If you're not comfortable with dates, you can try other nearby dates- available within 25k for most dates.

From Mumbai, a Beijing return ticket is available for about 27k

21k for a return ticket on Singapore Airlines is a great deal, considering that SQ is one of the best airlines with great food and services. Also you'll have enough transit time in Changi airport for a free Singapore City Tour. 

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