American asking 2.25 lakhs for BLR-Seattle direct flight (Economy return)

March 18 Update: As part of its global feet cut due to Corona Virus meltdown, AA has removed BLR-SEA direct flight from its website for now.

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American Airlines (AA) has announced direct flight between Bengaluru and Seattle (USA)- This is the only direct flight between two cities and American's only direct flight to India at this moment.
Contextual image- An American Airline aircraft in Nassau, Bahamas, clicked April 2019
This news got lots of publicity and many were happy that now a new option is available to fly between two cities. From Seattle American or its partners can provide easy connectivity to bay area (LAX, SFO etc) or even Vancouver Canada.

However, American is asking for 2.25 lakh rupees  (3000 USD) for an economy return ticket on this Bengaluru-Seattle direct flight.

At first I thought it is one off for some select dates when flight might be full. I tried several random dates after October 20, 2020, asking price is 1.05 lakhs for onward journey and 1.2 lakhs for return journey on direct flight. The asking fare has been consistent for all days. One stop flights are a bit cheaper.

What American is asking is 3 times the alternate options - quick search on Makemytrip reveals return ticket to Seattle from Blr are available for about 62k INR, one third of American Airline's 2.25 lakhs. Of course alternate options involve one or two stops and take more time (16 hours direct vs 24 hours in one/two stop options), but it needs to be seen if people really value the few hours at 1.5 lakh INR extra or will AA be forced to drop its price.
One stop premium economy costs half of direct flight economy.
American had an extremely complicated ticket booking process for Indian passengers last year- not sure if it is sorted. Details here

If you are flying to somewhere else on the same route, you pay a lot less. For example, for just flying to Seattle you've to pay 1.05 lakh rupees, flying on same aircraft and then connecting onwards to a flight to LAX you've to pay a lot less, just 79000 INR. This is exactly because of senseless pricing like this passengers are encouraged to do skip leg.. (Book ticket till LAX and get off at Seattle)
It is understandable airlines will price direct flights a bit expensive compared to one stop options- those who value time and convenience will pay a premium. Ethiopian priced BLR-ADD, MAA-ADD very high, Indigo has priced Chennai-Chandigarh very high, so this is natural. However my only point is the premium should be reasonable. Let us see how AA's bet pays off.

What are your thoughts? Will you pay 2.25 lakhs return for direct flight between BLR and SEA?

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