AirAsia's cheapest ticket ever!-Malaysia Domestic tickets for 12 MYR (INR 200)

This could be Air Asia'a cheapest ticket ever. Asia'a leading low cost airline is running deep discounted sales offering some real tempting fares.

You can now fly between Kuala Lumpur and Penang/Kota Bahru/Langkawi/ Johor Bahru etc for just 12 MYR one way, 24 MYR return. That is just INR 420 or USD 5.7 return. Haven't seen a flight this cheap in recent times- Even Ryan Air/Easyjet 8-10 Euro/GBP tickets in Europe usually cost around INR 1000 at their lowest best.
Penang is some 400 kms from Kuala Lumpur and takes 5+ hours by road. Bus ticket to Penang from KUL costs about 38 MYR one way. So Air Asia flight at 12 MYR is a real loot. Available for so many dates from now till 2021. Flight takes about an hour- similar to Chennai-Bengaluru.

I guess this probably the cheapest ticket ever on Air Asia. Have you spotted an even cheaper ticket? (even on any other airlines) Let me know!
Read Ami Bhat's post on George Town, Malaysia (near Penang).

24 MYR return ticket is available for Langkawi and Kota Bahru also, for select dates. Try if you can get lucky.
Johor Bahru (near Singapore)
Do you think it will get even cheaper than this if Corona Virus issue persists?

Chennai-Bengaluru (similar 400 kms away) costs about INR 1000 during cheapest sales, 5 times the KUL-Penang fare. Your airport to city transfer cost will probably be more than airfare. Of course baggage and meals extra, if you need them.

AirAsia has a dozen flights between Penang and Kuala Lumpur. A few seats are often sold for dirt cheap price. Grab one if you can.

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