GoAir & Spicejet: Delhi to Leh/Srinagar 4000 INR return

Flying to Leh is usually an expensive affair. Due to limited options, air fares are usually very high, around 5000-8000 INR just one way and return trip costing 13-17k INR for last minute bookings. Even for a well planned trip, one needs to budget INR 10000 to fly to Leh. Because of this high fares many prefer to drive/take bus or other cheaper modes.

At present GoAir is selling Delhi-Leh tickets for about INR 4000 return. (INR 3700+ convenience fee) This information was a tip of Courtesy Amar Singh Solanki, who runs Lily holidays & Travel planner services.
If you book on either Spicejet/GoAir website you will have to spend a bit more, but then you will save more if you have to cancel. You don't have to incur Makemytrip cancellation charge in addition to airline charges. Decide which works better for you

Mumbai to Leh return is about 8000 INR, which is like Mumbai-Delhi sector for INR 2000 one way.

Similar fares are available to Srinagar as well.

If you are optimistic about the Corona virus pandemic getting sorted before July/August, you can take a risk and book these tempting low fares.

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