AirAsia 499 MYR (9000 INR) unlimited pass-There's a big catch!

Air Asia has launched an unlimited travel pass for MYR 499 (Approx INR 9000) that lets you travel unlimited number of time within an year. Is it true? What is the catch? Read on.
You should know the following
1. Applicable only on Air Asia X routes, not entire Air Asia network.
Air Asia X is the long haul wing of Air Asia. Air Asia X flies to Australia, Japan, USA, Taiwan and few such far away destinations. Air Asia X flies to only a few cities in India- Amritsar, Ahmedabad (planned) etc. The unlimited pass is applicable only on Air Asia X and Thai Air Asia X network, not on entire Air Asia route. Even within Air Asia X network, Bali, Singapore and Jeddah routes are excluded. So your options are limited, In most cases you will have to spend on regular air Asia ticket to connect to an Air Asia X route

2. Valid only if seats available.

If you thought you can fly any time anywhere under this offer you are mistaken. AirAsia has earmarked only a few seats per flight for this offer- once they are taken you will have to pay full price.

To me this looks like biggest catch. Air Asia website terms and condition keeps insisting that unlimited pass can only be used if seats are available, else full fare has to be paid.
An A330 can seat 200+ passengers. Air Asia hasn't confirmed all seats will be available for customers to book under Unlimited Pass. I suspect only a few seats per flight will be set aside for use under this unlimited flight promo and soon Air Asia will claim the unlimited promo seats are sold out, forcing customers to shell out regular fare. Or they will offer unlimited promo for onward journey while making them unavailable for return journey, trying to extract more money.

I think this is where they hope to make money- sell 499 MYR pass giving people an impression that people can travel as much as they want. And then limiting the seats under this promo and make people cough up more money. To be fair to customers, Air Asia should allow unlimited pass customer to fly as long as there's an economy seat available, irrespective of fare bracket. Alternatively Air Asia should declare how many seats per flight will be set aside for this promo, so that people get clear picture. But that won't happen. Without understanding this trick, people will buy this 499 MYR pass and then feel frustrated when they don't get free tickets. Feels similar to timeshare holiday concept (like Club Mahindra). Media promoting this offer has no patience to do this kind of due diligence or highlight where the catch is, helping airline fool customers with clever marketing and clever fine prints.

3. Only base fare is covered. Taxes and fees are extra.
For Chennai-Kuala Lumpur return ticket,  about 2000 INR will be taxes and fees. Might vary a bit depending on origin-destination.

4. Applicable only for Point to Point tickets, not for fly through.
You can not use the pass to book an India to Australia fare via Kuala Lumpur. You can book two separate tickets though, but will have to arrange self transfer, may need visa for Malaysia and own the risk of missing connecting flight.

5. Add-ons not included. Bags, meals extra
6. Not applicable to children below 12 years
7. Max 3 no shows- after which your pass will be null and void. (You can't randomly book without real intention of flying)

Would it still work? A return ticket to Australia/Japan usually costs 20k to 30k from India. If you can make 2-3 trips an year, the 9000 INR annual pass + paid ticket between India-Kul (approx 8-12k each) + free trip from KUL to Australia/Japan (approx 4-5k in taxes) might still save you some money.

There are some more fine print, but above are major ones. Are you excited about this unlimited pass?
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