Chennai-Canada (Vancouver) return 52k on Air France

Canada tickets are expensive from India, compared to say going to USA. While tickets to USA can be had for about 50000-60000 INR during most of the time, going to Toronto, Canada costs about 75000 under normal conditions, because of fewer flight options to Canada from USA. Vancouver is even more expensive. While Air India and Air Canada have some direct flights between Canada and USA, they are usually expensive. (Except once a while) Cheaper options are usually via Middle East or Europe.

Now, with Air France launching Chennai flights from June 14th, there're some good deals available to visit Canada (Vancouver). Return ticket to Canada can be had for as low as INR 52700. I spotted the cheapest fares for September-October 2020, for several dates. Sample below.
For other dates, in June, July etc, tickets are available for under 60000 INR return for various dates. 

If Canada is on your mind, go ahead and book your ticket now. It is very unlikely you will get a return ticket to Vancouver for under 50k. (WOW Air had cheapest fares but they shut shop).

Points to note:
  • Baggage and meals are included in the fare
  • 200 Euro cancellation fee one way (you will lose some 33000 on return ticket if you can't travel as per plan)
  • Premium economy/business class available if you are ready to spend more.
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