Indigo Chennai-Chandigarh direct flight at 13k one way

Indigo has announced direct flight between Chennai and Chandigarh from March 30th 2020

While this is a welcome news, the pricing is bit shocker. Indigo has priced the direct flight at about 13000 INR. Round trip ticket will cost 26000 INR (after including convenience fee)
In 26000 INR we can get return ticket to Australia on an Air Asia sale. Or reach far away destinations like Bali, Africa etc. So this launch pricing is a bit surprising for me- may be businessmen who value time will pay this much for a direct flight, or may be Indigo is testing the water and will reduce the price later if no one is booking at this rate.

Let us wait and see.

However if you do not wish to spend so much you can get a return ticket for about 10000 INR- on an aircraft which hops via Mumbai and takes 4-5 hours instead of 3.


  1. Air Asia big sale on Monday. Any infos/sneak peek on the deals?

    1. No, I don't have any inside information. WIll wait for the sale to open and check how cheap they are

  2. Replies
    1. Checked a few random dates and destinations- nothing exceptional- regular deals like Australia for about 22000 INR, Bali about 15000 etc are available. Will post if I spot anything real good

    2. Found a 35k return ticket to USA (Honolulu)

  3. Vizag to kuala lumpur 6k return


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