Ethiopean launching Chennai flights from April

After starting flights to Bengaluru last year, Ethiopian is planning flights between Chennai and Addis Ababa from April 3rd, 2020

Unfortunately, like ADD-BLR flight, Ethiopian has priced a return ticket at 50k INR between Chennai and Addis Ababa. For 50k we can go to Paris, UK, Japan or even US so it is not very tempting to visit Ethiopia by spending so much. I would have appreciated a return ticket fare at around 25-30k. Let us see if they drop the fares like they did with BLR (Started at around 68k return and then dropped to a more reasonable 45k- read this and this). Even at 50k it is still one of the cheapest flights to Addis Ababa if you are particular about visiting it, but for other one stop destinations in Africa you might find a more cheaper option than Ethiopian.

Ethiopian is operating a Dreamliner to Chennai and frequency is 3 times a week. (Friday, Monday, Wednesday)

But then, one stop flights via ADD to other places in Africa are a bit cheaper than flying just to Addis Ababa.

You can fly Chennai-Seychelles return for 41k, Chennai-Nairobi return for 37k etc. Not very cheap compared to ex-Mumbai fares but since Chennai doesn't have too many connections to Africa these are Ok fares.

Best wishes to Ethiopian's Chennai launch. Are you excited about it?

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