Helicopter service from Dharamshala to Shimla

When at Kangra's Gaggal Airport, I saw this- helicopter service from Dharamshala to Chandigarh and Shimla. This Himachal heli taxi service will be useful to those who value time and don't mind spending a few thousand rupees extra.
Heli taxi service operates on a pre-defined schedule and max passengers are six per helicopter. Fares start at INR 4000 including taxes (for Shimla) and about 7000 INR for Chandigarh.

Passenger weight need to be specified during booking and it looks like max 10 kg baggage is allowed per person (baggage weight selector column isn't showing more than 10)

Visit https://booking.pawanhans.co.in/ for bookings. Helicopter taxi service is also available in few other parts of India.


  1. Return flight button doesn't work

  2. Dharamshala se shimla bhi service hai kya directly???


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