Trujet Bengaluru-Bidar flight for the price of bus ticket

Bidar is Karnataka's top most district and farthest from Bengaluru. Reaching Bidar by bus takes a massive 15 hours and AC bus tickets cost around 1000-1200 INR.

Now there is a new way to reach Bidar from Bengaluru

Trujet is launching Bengaluru to Bidar flight from 7th February 2020. The inaugural flight is marked as sold out. But for rest of the days, the ticket has been priced at just INR 999+ 300 convenience fee, totaling to INR 1299, almost same as KSRTC Volvo bus fare. I suspect this is the launch fare and may not last long. If you have any thoughts of exploring Bidar and nearby places, go grab a ticket on Trujet before the prices go up. As seats fill up, prices shoot up to INR 1500 to 3000.
I have some doubts on the airport code used by Trujet. BDR is already assigned to an existing airport in Connecticut, USA. Hopefully correct airport code will be assigned before the flight begins.

Bidar is just 150 kms from Hyderabad. Bidar has a fort and a Gurudwara.

After recent Star air flight to Kulburgi, Trujet flight to Bidar will offer lots of convenience to people of North Karnataka. I wish all the best for this new route.

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