Scoot no longer charging convenience fee!

Scoot airline used to charge a massive INR 500 per sector extra as convenience fee so far. For a round trip ticket involving one stop (4 flights total), that is INR 2000 extra for each person on a scoot ticket. This had put Scoot over a major disadvantage over all its rivals as no one used to charge so much extra as convenience fee per ticket- Air Asia charges around 360 to 800 Rs (net-banking/credit card), websites like MMT charge roughly 600 more, Easemytrip would not charge anything etc.

However recently a twitter user, Shyam Kumar (@VenkateshShyam) alerted me that Scoot is no longer charging convenience fee since Oct 2019. I decided to check it myself and this seems to be true. Went till final payments page and website was showing Zero convenience fee after adding credit card details. So this is good news.
Appreciate this move by Scoot. Air Asia- now ball is in your court!

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