Kolkata Bali low fare-Just 10450 INR Return on Malindo Air -Book Now!

Malindo Air has return ticket from Kolkata to Bali for just INR 10500 for travel in June 2020. Could be available for other dates as well. Check and book now- You are very unlikely to get a more cheaper return ticket to Bali from India.

Check screenshots below.

10500 INR for return ticket to Bali is one of the lowest I have seen. If Bali is on your mind, you should grab this opportunity and book your tickets now before it is gone. You have six months to plan rest of the trip.

Points to note:
1. Fare doesn't include checked bag or meals. Only 7 KG cabin bag is included. If you need bags return ticket cost goes up by another 9k, which is still reasonable. For a family/group of four, may be one person can buy with baggage fare and others can manage with cabin bags.

2. In flight entertainment, blanket (for night departures) included. Headphones are given on demand.

3. Malindo has stopped free meals. Meals can be booked online for 10 MYR or can be purchased on board for 15 MYR. That is 40 MYR per person for round trip (INR 700) extra if you wish to buy meals. Photo of my Paneer Jira Rice I had on my recent Malindo air flight.
If you are not from Kolkata return ticket to Kolkata is about 6k INR from most Indian cities. Still a fair deal to visit Bali. Book now on Malindo air website: https://www.malindoair.com/in/

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  1. Hi Srinidhi. Been a longtime reader and big fan of your awesome blogs. I request you to upload it frequently :) Just a small info. People from south can book return tickets to Bali from Cochin (Under 14k) or Chennai (Under 16.5k). This holds for almost all days from March-June next year. Haven't checked for other dates though. It'll be beneficial for southern people as they can save ticket fare to Kolkata as well as considerable amount of time.

    1. Noted. Yes, aware of 15k tickets. 10k was super cheap, hence the post.


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