ANA Chennai-Tokyo 23000 INR Return

ANA Japan that has recently started non stop service between Chennai and Tokyo has discounted the fares further. Earlier lowest fares were around 30-33k INR, now it has dropped further to 23k INR.

This super discounted fare is available for various dates in early 2020. 23k INR return makes it cheaper than Air Asia. Note than ANA super value fare is non refundable.
I also fear if they may discontinue this route- deep discounting is probably a sign that demand is very poor and airline is unable to fill this plane. If this sustains ANA may decide to discontinue this route. Fare from any other Indian city is almost 50% more expensive. (ANA flies to Mumbai, Delhi and BLR is also planned)

Anyway, if Japan is on your radar, you won't get a better deal than this.


  1. You can get a better deal than this from maa-dmk/kul-tokyo for 18-20k

    1. Sure. ANA is full service airline and non stop service- so many would prefer it instead of having to pay extra for bags and meals.


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