Aircraft seatbelt with airbag: Lion Air B737-900ER

This is something I noticed for the first time- aircraft seat belt with airbag in it. For my journey from Bali to Lombok, I was seated in row 32F. 32F is not the emergency exit row, but a row behind it. Due to unique layout of 737-900 ER all economy configuration, this row gets extra legroom as shown in the picture. I have had similar seats in Air India A321, Srilankan and Qatar Airways A330.

However, one thing I had not noticed so far was the unusually thicker seat belt. The seat belt in my seat was extra reinforced in buckle area, thicker belt. While I was trying to figure out why seatbelt was thicker, I saw the sticker indicating there's an airbag inside.
Asked cabin crew why this airbag- her answer was that airbag is provided to prevent face to face collision with cabin crew who might be seated in the jump seat in front. Nice thought.

Not sure if similar seat in A321 also had an airbag- unable to recall now- don't remember feeling/spotting anything unusual in seatbelt.

Children are not allowed to be seated in seats that have airbags in seat belt- because airbag is not designed for kids and might cause more harm than protection.

Why not provide an airbag in all seatbelts? It will prevent people from banging their head into seat infront of them? I feel it is not done due to following reasons
1. Cost- adding 200 airbags will increase cost
2. Airbags need space to deploy. In highly congested economy row with full adults occupying, not very sure if a seat airbag has enough space to deploy properly without hurting people around. Not an expert in this-just a thought.

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