Air Asia Big Sale from tomorrow

Update: Checked a few destinations for random dates- fares were not close enough to benchmark price I was targeting. So didn't book any.

Asia's popular budget carrier Air Asia has sent a circular announcing a big sale starting tomorrow. Sale will start tomorrow and will go on till 10th November 2019.
At this moment I don't know how low the fares will be, are they going to be really really cheap or only marginally cheap. Because the booking date goes all the way till 2021, hoping for some real sweet deals. We will know for sure tomorrow. However no harm keeping yourself ready. Below are some posts to plan your booking during Big Sales better

Post 1: Preparing well for Big Sales

Post 2: Air Asia benchmark prices (so that you know if a return fare is cheap enough or not)


  1. any good deals today from chennai??? all prices seems the same from india :( only from BBI-KUL its cheap, 5k return fare. if we calculate to-fro to Bhuwaneswar and malaysian evisa for transit, it's pretty much same as other airline.

    1. You are right- nothing too exciting- checked a few random combinations. Decided not to book any.


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