Destination Alert- Guam Islands, USA

If you're looking for some new destinations to explore, check out Guam.

Guam islands is a small island (some 30x40kms), just 3.5 hours from Tokyo, Japan. But Guam is part of United States of America. Guam is US's farthest territory in the pacific ocean and hence closest for anyone in Asia to visit.
Visiting Guam gives you a feel of vising the mainland United States, as the town is 100% american. You can buy all original american goods for a fraction of what it costs in Asia.

Visiting Guam:
Both American and Japanese airlines offer connectivity to Guam from their hubs in USA and Japan respectively. A return ticket from India (like BOM or DEL) to Guam via Tokyo would cost around 70k INR. If you're go ing to Japan, extending your trip to visit Guam could cost about 25-30k more.

You can also plan a trip to Guam from Manila (Philippines)- around 22k, 4 hours flight, or from Seuol, South Korea (5 hours, 24k INR) etc. Of course you can fly to Guam from any airport- Bali, Singapore, Hongkong etc- one or the other airline flying to Guam will offer a one stop flight via their hubs.

You will still need US Visa to fly into Guam. Would have been good for Guam's tourism if the rules are a bit relaxed for tourists planning a visit to Guam alone.

Unfortunately vising Guam from USA mainland is an expensive affair- you've to take a long flight with a stopover in Honolulu costing a few thousand dollars round trip. Lot easier to visit from Asia.

History: Guam was mostly US Territory all along, except a short duration during world war 2 when Japan occupied the island. Few years ago Guam was in the news as North Korea said it had missiles that could reach Guam.

Guam airport code is GUM. Go prepared for a hot tropical climate.

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