Are we getting automated boarding gates soon?

I spotted this machine at Bhubaneswar's Biju Patnaik International Airport this month.
I had spotted this machine at Imphal Airport last month.

These machines were just placed near the gate, not yet connected or operational. But I believe the intention is to use them soon- that's why they are procured and placed.

What are these?
This is a machine that can scan your boarding pass and if found valid, open the gate. Such machines are in extensive use in USA and Europe-very minimal staff and most people pass through airport gates without human verification.

This report says Bengaluru Airport has introduced one such gate on a trial basis earlier this year. Hyderabad airport is also allowing soft copy boarding pass. Rest of the airports in India are yet to catch up- the still require an airline staff to scan the boarding pass and let passengers through.

Automation is the way forward. Having automated gates has multiple benefits
- Less manpower needed- airline can save cost. At present, at least 2 to 4 staff from airline + one security staff man each gate- this can be reduced to just one person, just to keep an eye and step in if needed.
- Faster boarding- less gate time required and airlines can have faster turn around
- Saves environment as printed boarding pass is no longer needed.

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