Chennai-Can Tho (Vietnam) 15k INR return on Air Asia!

Vietnam on your mind? You can fly cheap to a lesser known destination, Can Tho in Vietnam for cheap on Air Asia this October.
Earlier this year, Air Asia has started flying to Can Tho, a city in Vietnam 175 kms south of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city). Cheap return ticket to Can Tho is available for INR 15k from Chennai and few other Indian cities.

A smarter option will be to fly into Can Tho, then go north to Saigon, then visit Hanoi and return from Hanoi. This way you don't have to travel back to Can Tho. Return ticket from Hanoi to Chennai is priced same as Can Tho to Chennai.
Note that Air Asia is having an IT systems outage right now, so you can't book. But this is expected to be resolved any moment.

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