Cheap ticket to Japan-23 to 38k return

Super cheap tickets are available to Japan on Air Asia and Srilankan for travel in October and November 2019. Check this and plan your dream trip to Japan now

On Air Asia, you can book a Chennai to Tokyo Narita round trip for as low as INR 23000 return.
Option 1: Depart on 22nd October and return on 6th or 7th November- about 2 weeks trip for 24000 INR (Actual fare is bit less once you login to big account- I've not done so to show fares on adjacent dates)
Option 2:  Or depart early October and return by October 21st from Tokyo Narita- two to three weeks trip- about 26k INR
 Chennai-Japan Option 3: Or Fly to Osaka on October 19th, return on 6th or 7th November- for 25k.
Or Option 4 book two one way tickets-Fly to Narita as shown in Option 1 for 12k and return from Osaka as shown in Option 3 for 12 k- 24k round trip.

Points to note on Air Asia flight:
  • Above are regular fares- you will pay a few hundred less once you login using your AirAsia big account.
  • Chennai-Kuala Lumpur will be 4 hours, KUL to NRT or KIX is about 8 hours. (Read my Air Asia ultra long haul flight experience)
  • Air Asia fare shown above doesn't include meals and baggage, which will be extra.
  • Checked baggage from India to Japan return will cost about 7500-8000 Rs for a 20kg bag. Few thousand more if you need to carry 25 or 30kg or more.
  • For about 4 to 6 meals you would need during this long flight between India and Japan- it will be around INR 2500-4000 per person depending on your choice of menu. So that is about 10000-11000 Rs extra minimum for meals and bag. 24k+11k= 35k. 
If you can manage without checked bag, then Air Asia deal is very good.

Book Chennai-Tokyo return on Srilankan for 38k INR
If you need meals and baggage allowance, you might as well book on full service airline Srilankan. For various dates in October, November, Chennai to Tokyo Narita return ticket is available for 38k approx. Srilankan fare includes meals, baggage, in-flight entertainment, comfort kit etc.
So you might want to consider this as well. On Srilankan it will be about 1 hour to Colombo and then a long 10 hour flight to Tokyo Narita. Read my long haul flight experience with Srilankan (Colombo-Beijing)

Srilankan doesn't fly to Osaka or Haneda. On Srilankan I had once seen a lowest fare of 32000 return for Chennai-Tokyo. But such low fares may not return often. 38k is not bad, particularly since travel is few months away only and you don't have to commit years in advance.

I had visited Japan on AirAsia for about 20k in 2016. But getting such low fares is difficult now due to various reasons. The 23-25k shown above is fairly reasonable low fare ticket I have seen in recent times. Go ahead and book.

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Let me know when you book your ticket based on my alerts.

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