ANA Chennai-Japan Return from 37000 INR

ANA Japan's website has started accepting bookings for their Chennai-Tokyo Narita flight scheduled to begin from October 2019.
The return ticket between Chennai and Tokyo is currently being sold for 57000 JPY which translates to INR 37000 approx. Actual could vary a bit depending on date, currency conversion n other factors.
This is a great price for a non stop flight.. Essentially ANA has almost matched what Srilankan was offering Chennai NRT via Colombo.

However notice the red text- Subject to Government Approval- seems like there're some paperwork still pending. Might be safer to give some 15 days buffer and plan from mid-November than planning from October last week.

ANA Official website:

You can also book one stop flight to other destinations on ANA network, but pay attention to possible change of airports (HND vs NRT) and need for transit visa for Indians in Japan.

If you are planning, read my complete Japan travel guide here

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  1. That's way more expensive. You can do much cheaper in this route.

    Chennai - DMK BANGKOK - 10K
    DMK - NARITA / OSAKA - 13K
    23K in total. Pretty cheap ;)


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