Vistara using Oxo biodegradable plastic for inflight meals

Air Vistara is using Oxo-biodegradable plastic in its in-flight meals. Probably the first airline in India to do so. Plastic usage, particularly single usage plastic is proving to be a deadly practice taking earth towards extinction much faster than anyone thought. Thus slowly the awareness about dangers of plastic is coming up- individuals and corporate have started doing whatever they can to avoid/reuse or reduce usage of single use plastic.

Airlines serve 100s of meals per flight. A meal in a full service airline may include a tray full of main dish, a water bottle, a set of spoon, fork and knife (metal in some airlines, mostly plastic) sealed in a plastic pouch, some bread/bun/fruit pieces, some packets of butter, sugar, creamer, sauce and such supplements etc. Not everyone may need each of these but airlines can't keep customizing the trays so they have to serve a standardized set to be able to serve swiftly to large number of passengers.

Some airlines are seriously resolved to avoid plastic onboard. Australia's Qantas, world's oldest airline to operate continuously, has started operating Zero waste flights. Other airlines have resolved to do their bit and are in search of alternative package materials/options to serve on board without compromising on hygiene, time and of course money.

Good to see Vistara using Oxo-Biodegradable plastic. Now, what is this Oxo-Biodegradable plastic?  These are plastics made from certain type of polymers which are better at disintegrating than conventional plastic. Oxo-biodegradable plastic is said to degrade and decompose within a duration of 2 to 18 months, depending on factors like thickness, environment and other parameters. If waste management of oxo-biodegradable plastic can be handled effectively, it can cause a lot less damage to the environment.

More details on Wikipedia

From what I noted, only the spoon cover and a few other items on the meal tray were oxo-biodegradable. There is still the small water bottle, yogurt cup and other things which appear to be conventional plastic. However, still it is a good initiative to begin with.

If you want oxo-biodegradable plastic for your business, you may possibly connect with this company - Chirag Industries, who have supplied them to Vistara. (

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