Destination Alert-Fly Direct to Chittagong Bangladesh from Chennai

US Bangla Airlines is operating direct flight between Chennai and Chittagong. If you're looking for a new country to explore or destination to visit, you might want to try this.
Chennai-Chittagong direct flight ticket would cost you about 22000 INR minimum when planned a few months in advance. (Do try for other dates). However the irony is, same aircraft will be flying onwards to Dhaka and tickets to Dhanka from Chennai is around 20k INR or about 10% cheaper than flying to Chittagong.

This is again because of competition. US Bangla Airlines is the only airline servicing Chennai and Chittagong directly. But those flying to Dhaka have lots of other options- Srilankan, Spicejet, Indigo, Air India, Thai Airways, Malindo etc. So it is possible to get cheaper tickets to Dhaka.

Chittagong is  known for ship wreck industry and has a bunch of tourist interests to explore- such as museums, lakes etc. Chittagong is closer to Manipur and Mizoram and Myanmar.
Above: US Bangla Air Chennai to Chittagong direct flight fares
Below: Same day, same aircraft- Chennai to Dhaka one stop via Chittagong is cheaper

It is possible to get a Chennai-Dhaka return ticket for about 15k INR or less on Spicejet or Indigo via Kolkata if you are lucky. Even Srilankan sometimes offers 15k return ticket during their sale.

US Bangla Air flies to Chennai (3x weekly) and Kolkata (daily) in India. They do fly to few other international destinations such as Doha, China, Malaysia etc but don't seem to be selling tickets to these destinations from India.
US Bangla Air doesn't have best of the safety records. Last year one of their planes crashed in Kathmandu [Details] and the airline was criticized for older aircrafts and poor maintenance. Of course it won't be fair to judge an airline just because of one crash. Do use your discretion.

Of course you can also enter Bangladesh from various land borders in North East.

Bangladesh Visa for Indians
I have a separate post on Bangladesh visa for Indians here- Bangladesh visa is free if you're residing in Mumbai/Delhi/Kolkata/Agartala. Needs you to visit in person, wait in line, submit passport and collect after a week. If you're in other cities, you've to either travel to above cities or avail service of an agency. No evisa, no visa on arrival for Indians.

For booking, refer their website:

Thanks to Kartik Murali for the tip off.

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