Free Luggage storage facility near KLIA

What to do if you're transiting through Kuala Lumpur or have checked out of hotel very early and need a spot to keep your bag for a while?

Kuala Lumpur's main airports- KLIA1 and KLIA2 do have baggage storage facilities, but they are not free. In KLIA1, baggage storage is at level 3, at the left most extreme once you arrive and exit the customs area.
Baggage charges are not cheap- for a standard cabin baggage, fee is about 18 MYR per day. (that is 4.5 USD or INR 300). For bigger bags the fee also multiples- refer below table.
 Baggage and locker charges at KLIA 1
So what to do if you've bags and don't want to carry them around or pay hefty fee at the airport baggage counters?

Solution-Take them to MOP- Mitsui Outlet Park, which is a shopping complex near KLIA and offers free luggage storage.

Mitsui Outlet Park is a shopping complex few kms from KLIA1 and KLIA2. Mitsui outlet operates free shuttle buses every 20 minutes from KLIA1 and KLIA2.

Take free shuttle to Mitsui Outlet Park- buses look like below and you can easily spot the display where to wait at airport arrivals to board the bus.

Once at Mitsui Outlet Mall, look for the flight check-in centre
 Inside, at the concierge desk, you can keep your bags for free. You'll have to fill a form like below.
Note: You need to collect your bag before 9.30 PM same day.

Once you drop the bag, you can spend some time exploring the Mitsui Outlet Park mall, have some food, go back to KLIA and take a bus/train to other places of interest like Putrajaya or KL Sentral etc.

Visiting Mitsui Outlet Park adds about 2 hours to your plan- waiting for the bus, reaching there, exploring the mall, return, going again to collect bag etc. But since you'll be saving lots of money otherwise to be paid for baggage storage, it is a good option to consider.

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  1. can we keep our luggage inside the mall?


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