NDTV to build airport near your home

Want an airport next to your home? Try NDTV
NDTV is offering cheap flights to New York from various localities in India, even if the locality doesn't have an airport. NDTV's location based ad display logic seem to take any location, generate a click baity title and display the ad, even if it means stupidity.

For an airport near your home, try your luck on NDTV.com

For the airline advertiser, NDTV picks up location from IP address, generates a cheap flight ad from that location to big cities like New York, London etc and tempts users to click. Once you click the ad it takes you to a generic page which will have no reference to the original cities shown in the ad.

Least they could do is to locate nearest major airport and display ads for fares from that airport. Anyway try telling that logic to NDTV.

Anyway, recent news is that NDTV's Pronoy Roy is under investigation for money laundering

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