AirAsia launches Chennai-Kolkata- hope it sticks

AirAsia has announced Chennai-Kolkata once a day flight from June 2019. Kolkata is 3rd destination AirAsia India is serving, apart from Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

I am hoping this route sticks. Last year, AirAsia India cancelled Chennai-Bhuvaneshwar flight after operating it for just a few months, probably due to low patronage. I had two trips planned to Bhuvaneshwar and had to cancel both, as I had booked return ticket for just INR 2998 and next best option on Indigo was costing INR 6000+ . Air Asia had refused to re-route me via Bengaluru that time.
At present return ticket to Kolkata from Chennai costs about INR 8000. It is not super cheap-lowest I had seen between Chennai and Kolkata is about INR 4999 return ticket during Vistara sale earlier this year, but then, after Jet Airways collapse, most sectors in India are experiencing high fares. Leisure travelers can probably delay their trips a bit till pricing cools down a bit.

At present Indigo has about 7 daily non stop flights between Chennai and Kolkata. Other airlines have about one or two flights a day only. So AirAsia is not at any big advantage with only 1 daily flight at the moment. Also Vistara has suspended 2x daily Chennai-Kolkata flight, so Air Asia should have enough customers.

I am hoping Air Asia India's Chennai-Kolkata flight stands the test of time and doesn't get cancelled soon like what happened with the Bhuvaneshwar one. Let us wait and watch.

Right now I don't have any temptation to visit Kolkata, but if I can get a return ticket for under 4000 INR during a sale, I might just book one.

From Kolkata Air Asia India flies to Bhuvaneshwar, Bagdogra, Delhi, Guwahati, Ranchi, Vizag etc, but at this moment, Chennai passengers are not allowed to book one stop flight to these destinations via Kolkata. This could be due to timing-Chennai-Kolkata passengers arrive at midnight so expecting them to stay overnight at airport for next day onward flight may not be fair.  Air Asia is now selling Chennai-Goa via Bengaluru, Chennai-Hyderabad via Bengaluru etc.

AirAsia India has completed 5 years of operation, flies about 164 flights a day and with 20 aircrafts, now eligible for international operations.

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