Chennai-Penang return 11k -July 8-17 2019

Looking to go somewhere next month?
While last minute bookings to various destinations are usually expensive, there's a cheap ticket available to Penang, Malaysia on Air Asia

If you can leave on 8th July and return 1 week later, return ticket to Penang from Chennai is available for INR 11200+320 convenience fee (net banking)= Total around INR 11500. (No bag, no meals)
Few other destinations in Malaysia- Lankawi, Kuala Lumpur are also available for similar price range.

This is a good price for last minute travel because tickets to Kuala Lumpur itself cost 12-15k if booked late. Being able to visit Penang for same price, that too with a week to spare is a good deal. Ticket prices are much higher for all other adjacent dates.

Note that during an Air Asia big sale Penang return ticket could be available for less-around 8000-9000 INR return. But for that you've to wait for next sale, book months in advance and risk losing it all if you can't travel.

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