Win a Maruti Ciaz with JetAirways

Jet Airways is giving its customers an offer to win a Maruti Ciaz and other cool prizes.. Read further to find all the details
Maruti Ciaz with all doors open
I was wondering why Jet Airways hasn't launched any interesting offers on the occasion of their 25th Anniversary. There was a 10% off announced earlier, which wasn't exciting enough.

Finally Jet Airways has launched a lucky draw kind of offer- if you book a ticket and fly with them, you stand a chance to win a Maruti Ciaz sedan, Google Pixel 2 or holidays
To be eligible you need to book a ticket on Jet Airways website before June 30th- which is fine, but what I didn't like is the second rule that says Travel Date should be before end of July 2018. That is too short a period and prices will be generally high for near term bookings. If travel date was allowed a bit longer, say till end of 2018 or say March 2019, it would have been great.

It is not clear which version of Ciaz will be given. My guess is cheapest variant will be given and winner will also be expected to pay for tax, insurance, handling etc- which will add up to 2-3 lakhs.

My 3 year old review of Maruti Ciaz is here. The car has got multiple facelifts since then.

More details here- all the best if you're trying.

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