One year of Airlineblog – helping you save on air travel

The Airlineblog completed 1 year of existence on 23rd June.  In this time, close to 150 posts have been written- mostly alerting you about the airline deals and sales or cheap tickets available. I’ve also written lots of tips and tricks and insights to help you understand air travel industry better and make the most of your trips. The blog has got close to 67000 pageviews till date as per blogger stats- close to 200 pageviews per day. This isn’t a great number, but a good start for a new blog. I hope this number keeps growing.
Below are some of the most popular posts on the airlineblog so far

1. Ultimate guide to cheap flight ticket booking - Understand real way to book cheapest flight tickets

2. Ten tips to deal with high cancellation charges - Understand how to save some money while cancelling your flight tickets

Who charges least convenient fee? Read and save a few rupees on convenience fee

AirAsia vs Malindo- Which is better? Read the comparison done on over 30+ points

5. Ten interesting facts about Air deccan relaunch  

6. KLIA 1 vs KLIA 2

7. The letter from Norwegian that almost made me cry! Very unfortunate I can't keep flying with them more often

8. Beware of tricks by MMT - Compare final price payable, not what's shown on initial screen

9 Hubli to get flights to all over India

10. Sanjay Ghodawat group to start Star Airlines Airline gets a code - SA

Now some of my personal favorites-Highly useful articles
1. Do I need transit visa? Understand Transit visa process

2. Ten factors that influence airline ticket prices - understand the factors and save more

3. Cheapest way to reach Mangaluru airport - Save money on airport taxi

4. Why can't airlines make in-flight announcements in regional languages? An analysis on the practicality of making in-flight announcements in local languages

5. Air Asia's deliberately complicated cancellation process - AirAsia promised a review but nothing much has changed- cancelling your ticket with AirAsia even because the reason is that they cancel the flight, is a super complicated one.

6. Cheapest way to reach Hyderabad airport- save money on airport taxi

7. Not many takers for in-flight WiFi- Govt has allowed airlines to allow net connectivity in domestic flights, but there're not many takers for this service in a survey conducted by airlineblog

8. Bali's Airport closure- how to handle- Bali's airport was closed again this week- do read to understand the reason, impact and how to mitigate

9. AirAsia's new loyalty Program- good bad and ugly!- AirAsia launched a few Freedom loyalty program last year- but the model is flawed as it gives zero points for promo tickets. Do read and find out.

10. Ten things to know about AirAsia's big sale - learn some tricks, do your preparations and save during next Air Asia big sale

11. Six ticket booking tips websites never tell you! - read and save

12. Cheapest airport transfer to Chennai airport Save money on airport taxi

13. Jet Airways Bid for upgrade scheme reviewed-Jet airways launched a bid to upgrade feature in which you can try your luck getting upgraded to next class. But when I checked the pricing was flawed- it was cheaper to buy a new premiere ticket than trying to get upgraded

14. My FlightRadar 24- interactive flight mapping tool- have fun

15. DWC- Dubai's airport of future- Dubai authorities want to shift more flights to DWC from current DXB. Read more

Flight experience accounts
1. Fly Dubai Experience- flew flyDubai for the first time this year- read the post for detailed experience

Looking forward to your continued support for the airlineblog, which is the one of the few dedicated blog as of now in India for air travel, airline deals and airline industry news.
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  1. Hey. Good blog! Your tips are highly useful :). But I just differ on one thing. This is not the only Indian blog on airline news. There is another well established Indian blog called LiveFromALounge which has been existent for the past 7+ years. Just said if you were unaware of it.

  2. Many many Congratulations :) #Airlineblog

  3. Congrats on completing one year. It is great blog and you must be proud of the effort that you have put in

  4. useful informative post thanks to sharing


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