Top airline news of the week

Here's a quick compilation of recent news related to Air Travel

1. Bali Airport was temporarily shut due to volcanic ash
Bali Airport was shut again this week due to Mount Agung Eruption but was subsequently re-opened once wind direction changed. Read more on CNN

You might wish to read my earlier post on how to deal with Bali's airport disruptions.

2. List of worst airlines- includes Jet, WOW Air
A website has published a list of 13 worst airlines Jet Airways, WOW Air, Iberia, Thai Airways Ryan Air, EasyJet, Pakistan International Airline are some of the popular airline in the list. WOW Air, which is scheduled to begin India operations late 2018 is given the last position.

3. NY to London in 2 hours, hopefully by 2050
Boeing is reportedly working on a supersonic plane that can reach London from NY within 2 hours-Of course this is just a concept now and may take 20-30 years to become reality. Read more on NDTV

4. BA passenger blasts airline over light snacks
A passenger complained of being serves super light snacks instead of proper meal on a transatlantic flight for which he paid 2200 USD. Read more on Fox

5. AirAsia accused of blasting AC in full force to make passengers leave airplane
AirAsia was in bad news again, this time after a 4 hour delay in Kolkata, India, pilot uses inhuman tactics to make passengers leave the aircraft. Read more o Fox

6. Vir Sanghvi's take on Air India
Writer Vir Sanghvi's take on Air India- why he liked it, what went wrong with the airline etc is an interesting read. Read here on HT

7. Air India pilots tricking company to make more money
Here's another story on Air India- where its pilots are believed to misuse the rules, trick the system and pocket more money. Read full story here

8. Human Cost of expanding Salem Airport
The News Minute has a story on how expansion plans of Salem airport is hurting livelihood of local farmers. Do read

9. IAG to launch a new budget airline in super short time
This news suggests IAG, parent company of British Airways is planning a new budget airline, initially focused on flying to Austria. This budget airline is being floated in record time.

10. An A340 catches fire in Frankfurt
An old A340 caught fire in Frankfurt airport last month. This Lufthansa plane will likely be retired than being repaired and put back into service. Read more

11. New Boeing 777 with folding wings
Boeing's new 777 model is coming with a folding wing, so that aircraft can fit into airline terminals without needing any modifications at the airport. Folding wing concept is already used in fighter planes used on aircraft carrier but is first time coming to a civilian aircraft. Read more here

12. Shortest A380 flight between Dubai and Oman
Emirates is to fly shortest A380 flight between Dubai and Muscat- more because of a special occasion than regular practice- read more here if interested

13. Bengaluru airport updates
BLR airport is said to be opening a crew only terminal, to facilitate faster movement of airline staff. - read more on ET here. A proposed cut in user fee is likely to make flying in n out of BLR cheaper.

14. Air India passenger deploys emergency chute in Goa
This TOI news says a passenger on a delayed Air India flight in Goa deployed emergency slide. He was let off with a warning but the flight was further delayed.

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