India-US-44k return: Air China India sale with 20% off-6,7th June

Update: I checked the fares now- I still see earlier fares and not 20% less.

Air China is running a facebook ad campaign advertising a 20% off on India outbound flights on 6th and 7th June.

If we go by their current fares, those who fly out of Delhi and Mumbai should be able to book a ticket to US for about INR 44000 return. Since Air China is a full service airline, 44k return is 10-15k cheaper than any other alternative- in fact it is better than WOW Air's promotional offer which is currently on. So if you have a US trip on mind, you might want to make use of this deal.

Current fare calendar for reference: Delhi- JFK return for INR 55k. Make a note of current fares for the destination you have in mind and check again on 6th June to ensure it is indeed cheaper.

 Above: Delhi-SFO return for 55k
Below- Delhi-PEK (China Beijing) return for 47k
Osaka Japan is 40k right now- should be 32k during sale
Create your account on and try on 6th n 7th June 2018 for the 20% off fares.

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