Top airline news this week

Here's a quick run down on major air travel news around the world this week

1. Air Asia India bribing scam
The most attention grabbing news this week (rather last week) was CBI, India's federal agency, booking Air Asia officials for bribing their way through to relax the laws. AirAsia bribed the previous UPA government officials in order to relax 5/20 rule (5 years of operations, fleet of 20 aircrafts) before being eligible to fly abroad. This 5/20 rule feels stupid and limits an airline's ambition and it is nothing new for business to lobby with government for favorable policies- still bribing is wrong. Need to see how this story progresses, if it affects AirAsia's plans in India and so on
2. No takers for Air India
Govt of India's attempt to sell debt laden national carrier Air India meets with cold response as no bidder comes forward when deadline ended end of May 2018. Not giving full control of the airline and various other restrictive terms is said to be the causes that turned off those who had a bit of interest. Now we need to wait n see how Govt of India moves next.

3. Vistara orders new 787
Air Vistara is said to have ordered a set of new Boeing 787s, ditching Airbus. Details here

4. Jet airways passengers stranded in Mumbai
Jet Airways Ahmadabad bound passengers were stranded recently in Mumbai after a technical fault in the aircraft, coupled by airport maintenance. More details on Times of India

5. World's shortest flights- CNN
CNN has published an article listing world's shortest commercial flights- some of them just a few minutes long. Do read this interesting article if you have time

6. Two Old A380s to be dismantled.
This report suggests that a set of first generation A380s, world's largest commercial plane are being dismantled and sold as junk/spare parts, after its owner failed to find any airline willing to add this super jumbo on their fleet. A380s were said to revolutionize the way we travel, by being able to carry more people (500+) in one go, but airlines around the world seem to have lost their appetite for A380- instead most of them prefer smaller aircrafts which are more fuel efficient and easier to fill up.

7. Qantas long haul dreams
Qantas is aiming to introduce 22-24 hours long flights by 2022. Current longest flights are about 17-18 hours long (Qatar-Auckland - Doha). Qantas wants to fly non stop between Sydney and New York and such long distances. Right now there's no aircraft that can support this dream- hopefully Airbus/Boeing will take this as a challenge and will support Qantas. Read detailed story here

8. Delta plans non stop flights from US to Mumbai.
Right now only Air India is flying non-stop between India and USA. Now the news is that Delta is planning direct non stop flight to Mumbai from 2019. Details are expected by end of 2018. Need to see if Delta can price it cheaper than what Emirates, Etihad or Qatar offer Details here

9. Spicejet Delhi-Kanpur flight from July 3rd
Spicejet is scheduled to begin Delhi-Kanpur direct flight from July 3rd

10. Mumbai airport is world's busiest single runway airport
This NDTV news suggests Mumbai airport handled more than 1000 flights on a single day and this is a record for any airport in the world with single runway.

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