Fly to Toothukudi from Bengaluru and Chennai

Toothukudi was in news recently for all the bad reasons- police firing killing protesters, Sterlite plant polluting the environment and so on.

At least some good news.
Indigo and Spicejeet now fly to Toothukudi (formerly known as Tuticorin). Spicejet flight begins from today (July) while Indigo flight is set to begin from 26th July. Airport code for Tuticorin is TCR
The flight option will reduce a 600 kms/9 hours bus journey between BLR/Chennai and Thoothukudi to some 3 hours (90 mins flight)+ airport time.

Spicejet has only 1 daily flight from Bengaluru to Toothukudi while Indigo has announced 3 daily flights from Chennai. Unfortunately ticket prices are not very cheap- costs INR 6000+ for a return ticket- same price as Chennai - Delhi

Of course you can connect to Toothukudi from other parts of India via Blr or Chennai on these airlines.

How you can make use of these flights?
Apart from exploring Toothukudi, you can make a trip involving Tirunelveli (popular for Halwa, 60 kms from Tuticorin), Kanyakumari-130 kms from Thoothukdi and possibly return via Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala (100 kms from Kanyakumari)

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