RyanAir's unique feature to save time n money

RyanAir is Europe's low cost airline. Ryanair tickets to various destinations cost less that what it costs you to reach airport from city center in bus or train. During my recent trip I noticed one unique feature in Ryanair's Boeing 737 Aircrafts

Ryanair aircrafts carry a built in ladder that is folded and stored under the front door. Once aircraft reaches its destination bay, the ladder is expanded and passengers can start getting off the plane, not having to wait for any ground service.

I wasn't prepared to shoot a video of this, so missed recording video. Took a photo after stairs are expanded and setup.

This feature helps in 2 ways
- saves time- no need to wait for an airport ladder or aerobridge-passengers can start getting off the plane and walk to terminal or board a bus
- Saves money- no need to pay ground service for a ladder or aerobridge

RyanAir aircraft has this only for front doors. Rear door they use regular ground service ladder. My guess is Boeing design didn't have enough space for this ladder under rear door.

Have you seen any other airline adapting this strategy? No one I am aware of.

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