Athens airport in pictures & details

Sharing several photos of Athens International airport that I clicked during recent trip

#1 Athens airport view from top & ATH ATC tower

Taxi stand at Athens airport as seen from top

Athens airport signage/logo

Mountains near Athens airport- looks like Mount Ararat in Turkey but not sure

Athens Airport has 3 sets of gates. Gate A is used for all non European destinations- USA, Asia etc

Gate B is used for Schengen destinations

Gate C is used for European non Schengen destinations that need passport control.

I got to fly in or out of all 3 gates in my last trip- Gate A to arrive and return to Kuwait, Gate B to fly to Santorini, Gate C to depart to Tirana and while returning from Malta.

If you’re arriving from Schengen and have a connecting flight to Schengen, most likely you will be let in via Gate B and you can go to your next gate without security check. But my flight to Malta landed near Gate C and I had to walk a lot to gate B and clear security check as well- this was probably because the Ryanair Aircraft that brought us from Malta to Athens is destined to head to some non Schengen destination in Europe.

Athens airport is connected to Athens city via train system. Trains operate once every 30 minutes and a one way ticket costs 9 Euros. You can also buy 3 day, 20 Euro ticket package that allows trip to city from airport and return to airport as well as unlimited use of public transport inside the city during these 3 days- very convenient for short term visitors, as you pay only 2 euro more compared to buying 2 one way tickets to and from airport and can travel as much as you need within Athens city to visit attractions.

Veg food: Gate B had a food counter that would sell meals as per our selection- I selected a unit of rice and one unit of peas, potato and beans- cost me 11 Euros.

Drinking water station, workstations, phone charging locations are available inside Athens airport.

Athens can be a good gateway to Europe from Asia, the Middle east and Africa.

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