Manta Air BLR-DDD for 50k INR return

Earlier I was wondering if the proposed BLR- DDD Manta air service would start or not. Now the good news is the service has started.

Dhaalu atol is a small island in center of Maldives, below Male, but above GAN island. Dhaalu atol has few resort islands around it, whose customers so far had to fly in to Male and then take Manta air flight to DDD. Now they have a direct flight option.

But the sad part of the news is this 3 hour one way ATR flight from Bengaluru to Dhaalu atol in Maldives is more expensive than a ticket to Europe from India. The asking price almost touches 600 USD or 50000 INR. Budget tourists will shy away from this, only rich customers will be able to afford.

570 USD or 50k INR is cheaper than earlier option of flying to Male and then flying to DDD- that used to cost 60k INR. 

The service operates 3 times a week. The small ATR only allows 5 kg cabin bag, but you are allowed 22 kg checked bag. You will have to plan accordingly. For another 25 USD more one way, you can check in 35 kg bag (no increase in cabin bag allowance in Sapphire flex. There is no business class in ATR.

Saddest part is Manta Air has kept the price uniform for whole year. Even if I am willing to book 9 months in advance there is no reduction in price. Airlines usually keep the price cheaper for 6-9-12 month advance booking and start increasing the price once seats fill up. Manta Air doesn't seem to have such plans. Flying next week or next year, same price.  What do you think? Would you fly? I was willing to book if it was around 20k. At 50k I will wait and watch... is the website to book

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