Kochi to Bali 16k return on AirAsia sale

Kochi to Bali return ticket is available for 16k on AirAsia sale, without checked bag (another 10k extra if checked bag is needed.

This is the only decent deal I could find in their ongoing sale. COK-DMK return also costs 16k, same as Bali one stop flight.

Chennai Melbourne is costing 35k return

Kochi Manila is 24k return

Current AirAsia sale is nowhere close to what it was pre-covid. I have flown 8k return to Brunei, 16k return to Japan, 22k return to NZ, 20k return to Australia and so on. Hope to find such fares again soon.

Air Asia has also made it very hard to spot cheaper fares - not showing fares of adjacent dates unless we manually click on each of the dates...

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