Crazy night Walking experience Santorini airport from Fira!

When I arrive an airport, I prefer taking public transport to town and from there walk to my hostel. This has worked all fine during most of my trips as most airports in Europe, America, Asia, Australia have public transport option to city center.

However, my experience at Santorini airport in Greece was a lot different. A bit odd but it worked.

I had booked a hotel some 4 kms from Santorini airport. Unfortunately my arrival flight was late night (10 PM) and departure flight was early morning - 6.40 AM. This meant I had to plan my travel from and to airport at night hours.

Santorini public transport buses operate only during day time. First bus from city to airport leaves by around 7.30 AM from Fira, city buses do not operate after 5 PM, so any arrival after 5 PM or any departure before 9 AM in Santorini you can not depend on buses.

Next option is to book a taxi. But Santorini island has very limited number of taxies. Airport has just 5-6 taxis waiting at any time. In a flight with 100 people, at least 20-25 would need taxi but they won't get it airport, unless they pre-book.

Other option is to work with your hotel to arrange private transport. My hotel proposed the same, but at a price tag of 25 Euros for 4 kms, I found this pricing on a much higher side. 25 Euro I can better spend elsewhere-

  • At least 1, sometimes 2 Ryanair tickets to various destinations cost under 25 Euros
  • Can enjoy a really nice meal
  • 2-3night hostel stay can be had for 25 euro

4 Kms is not too much, my fitness is good, I don't have heavy bags, so I decided that I will save 25 Euro and I can simply walk to my hotel from airport.

The taxi path to hotel showed 4.2 kms.


I should have simply stuck to this path, but I decided to check the walking path, which was 100 meters shorter, so I decided to take it.

Now as I started walking at night alone, I reached an open field with no clear walking track visible. As I started following the map, I entered a path full of pebbles, rocks. Apparently it is a stream that has dried up. I guided myself with mobile flash light, walked on the riverbed for about 2 kms till I could get on a proper road.

Below is how the path looks on google earth view. Looks like a walk way but it is path of a stream

I do not blame anyone- not google maps, not Santorini city. I had my options, I chose to walk. There was some difficulty but I did reach my destination and saved 50 Euros taxi money. 

Watch this Reel

Thankfully riverbed was dry in Feb. If it was rainy season I would have had to swim to my hotel I guess! Also if you have a trolley bag this path is impossible. Kids or elderly people also can't walk here, at night.

So lessons learnt for reaching hotel to/from Santorini airport:

  • If possible, avoid landing or departing late night or early morning. Select a day flight to Santorini
  • If you can afford, take a taxi or book private transfer.
  • If you chose to walk, select a hotel not too far from airport
  • If car path is similar to walking path, chose the car path and walk comfortably by the road side

Stay tuned for more from my recent Europe trip.

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