Two African Cities for 21k-Mumbai-Seychelles on Ethiopian

There's a low fare ticket available from Mumbai to Seychelles on Ethiopian airlines.

For immediate travel (November 2019), return ticket from BOM to SEZ for select dates cost about 21k INR.

This low fare is for a particular flight timing that has lots of transit time in Addis Ababa, Ethiopian's hub. You get about half a day during onward journey and a full day on return journey.

Both Seychelles and Ethiopia offer visa on arrival for Indians, so there's no visa hassle . (Ethiopia gives Visa on Arrival but for a fee- 40 USD I am told, Seychelles, free). You can plan such that about a week in Seychelles and a day n half in Addis Ababa.

So what are you waiting for?

Note that checked bag not included in this price of 21k (Check-in Bags for the journey costs 16k extra, only 7 kg cabin bag included). Ethiopian also gives a 24 hours hold on the fare- you can pay within that time to confirm. Good option if you wish to take some time to decide.

Other itineraries with shorter connection time cost a lot more. Use this to your advantage and explore two countries in one trip. Low fares are available for some dates in 2020 as well, do check on airline website.
Information Tip off by Anuj Bhudkar

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